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Welcome to the Mississippi 10th Circuit District

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Juror Resources

We hope the following resources will help your service as a Grand or Petit Juror, in the 10th Circuit District, be a pleasant experience.

General Instructions

First and foremost you need to call the number provided on your summons after six (6) p.m. on the Friday before you are to report. Please listen to the after hours recorded message in order to obtain information as to whether your reporting date or time has been changed. The information will be available throughout the weekend, six (6) p.m. Friday night - seven (7) a.m. Monday morning. Likewise, during the time of your service, you must call this same number after six (6) p.m. each day to obtain further instructions pertaining to your service. Please note that the instructions will not be available before six (6) p.m., so there is no need to call sooner.


Clarke County

The Clarke County Courthouse is located at:

101 S. Archusa Ave.

Quitman, MS 39355



Parking Instructions for Clarke County

There is a parking lot located behind that Courthouse where Jurors are encouraged to park. If the parking lot is full, please utilize the street parking available around the Courthouse.


Kemper County

The Kemper County Courthouse is located at:

123 Main St.

DeKalb, MS 39328


Parking Instructions for Kemper County


Lauderdale County

The Lauderdale County Courthouse is located at:

500 Constitution Ave.

Meridian, MS 39301



Parking Instructions Lauderdale County

Jurors may choose to utilize the parking spaces around the Courthouse. If you do, please put your Jury Summons in your dashboard to avoid getting a ticket. Please do not park in any of the marked parking places on the east side of the Courthouse on 6th Avenue between 20th Ave. and 21st Ave., as this is a tow away zone.


Wayne County

The Wayne County Courthouse is located at:

609 Azalea Drive

Waynesboro, MS 39367



Parking Instructions Wayne County

Jurors may utilize the parking lot on the East side of the Courthouse, which is in front of the Courthouse.



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